“Oh no! The kids’ football training! Weren’t you supposed to drive them there today?”

Super simple schedule – Customizable and with notifications

To&Fro – the app that keeps track of the weekly activities, who drives where and when?

1. You create a schedule for co-ordinating transport. 2. Save time and worry. 3. Scheduled drivers receive notifications. 4. Simple and straightforward co-operation on children’s activities. 5. The app that gives you an orderly overview of the week’s activities.

”What! It’s my turn to pick up the kids? I texted you …”

Parents spend a lot of time organising the transport of children to, from and between home, school, friends and leisure activities.

Transports are often co-ordinated on several different platforms at the same time using, for example, eMail, Messenger, Facebook and Whatsup. It creates confusion, results in a poor overview and increases the risk of missed connections.

”We carpool, help each other to drive the kids back and forth
... and also help preserve the environment. It’s a no-brainer!”
says Michael, father of Rebecca

Cut the confusion. Share the transports and stay on the ball.

To&Fro makes it simpler to co-operate on children’s activities. Here you can easily create schedules and co-ordinate transports between the adults who are normally involved in the logistics merry-go-round.

Cut down the number of messages, mail and texts in your daily life. Save time and less stress.

Functions and benefits of the app.

• To&Fro gives you an orderly and consolidated picture
of the week’s activities: who does what, when and where.

• Easy to create schedules and co-ordinate transports.

• Notifications to scheduled drivers.

• Simple overview for all involved parents.

• Saves time, saves worry.

• Makes it simpler to co-operate on children’s activities.

• Safe, reliable and with maximum integrity — you control who sees what.

Download To&Fro to your telephone!

All you need to use To&Fro is an iPhone or Android telephone.

The app will soon be available on App Store and Google Play.

Together for your child

More about IST Home and our concept
While everyday life is full of pleasures, it also brings challenges that consume time and give cause for concern. For these, all parents seek solutions. Without knowing it, those who manage daily life best are building a small team around the child. It could be a grandparent, a friend, or even a neighbour that assumes importance.

IST Home enables the network around a child to interact and support it from infancy to fledgling adulthood.